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Understanding What is Involved

With my assistance you may express yourself in a manner of your own choosing.  I can help to create a meaningful, memorable, fitting end of life tribute, with a focus on personalising your ceremony to reflect the needs, beliefs and values of your loved one and your family.


To celebrate the uniqueness each person contributed to life the ceremony can be a compilation of memories, tributes and farewells. By recalling even the mundane times we describe the nature and character of the person and the service becomes very personal and appropriate.


I’ll have a questionnaire to aid your memory and knowledge of the deceased.


Such questions are listed below.  The Funeral Director will also need much of this information.   

With your information I can write a service that reflects the attributes of the deceased and meets your needs.


If need be I can write the eulogy based on the information you give me at this meeting. 

Family and friends should be encouraged to participate in the service through  readings, music, tributes, slide shows and the like.  


I can assist with music and readings for the service and accommodating special requests that honour the deceased. Many families find comfort by including in the service personal items which symbolise significant facets of their life and interests of the departed.


You have complete choice of and final approval over the ceremony.


Nothing is imposed on you. I honour death and celebrate life.


If you would like to proceed please contact me immediately by phoning 0418 615 337, or email to or ask your funeral director to contact me. 





Most funerals are conducted at chapels in Memorial Parks and Crematoria.


Many funeral directors have lovely chapels where the service may be held. 


Your Funeral Director will assist you in determining the location. 


It is possible to have a memorial service some time after the deceased has been cremated. This may occur if not all family members are able to be present at the time of the loss. This may be held in a place which was special to the deceased or in any venue of your choosing.


You may have a funeral service as above, and at a later time have another service to scatter or intern the ashes.




•    Deceased's full name,  nickname 

•    Birth Name (e.g.  If a married woman what was her maiden name?)

•    Date of birth 

•    Place of Birth 

•    Full names of parents (including Mother’s maiden name) and occupation of Parents 

•    Names of sibllings

•    Early life and schooling 

•    Qualifications and work history 

•    Marriage and children and grandchildren 

•    Family life 

•    Personality, characteristic sayings or humour 

•    Community service and achievements 

•    Hobbies and pets 

•    Music, entertainment, and sporting interests 

•    Other pertinent information

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