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Funerals & Memorial Services

If you are planning for a future occurrence or looking at this page because you have just lost a loved one I offer my commiserations and assure you of a special memorial service.


You have made the first step in deciding to look for a Funeral Celebrant to help create a very special farewell ceremony for your loved one.


I have a strong belief that every life has a special meaning and deserves to be well celebrated. 


I have experienced grief in various forms so can empathise and sympathise with your loss.  I am convinced that funerals can be a valuable source of commencing the healing process.




Sometimes people question the need for such a service. The person who has passed away has gone and having a funeral cannot bring them back.  In all societies and at all times, people have needed the opportunity to mark the passing of those who were important to them.


A funeral helps in many ways.  The planning of and attending a funeral service provides:

•    a visible social support system for the surviving family and friends 

•    the service helps us to understand that death is final and that death is a part of life 

•    it celebrates the life and achievements of the deceased 

•    it is a public honouring of the deceased's life 

•    it allows bereaved ones to participate in the service by contributing to the planning or by speaking a tribute 

•    it brings family members together as they acknowledge the one they have lost 

•    it aids in integrating family and friends back into their normal routines 

•    it reaffirms the mourners' relationships with the deceased 

•    it provides a special time to say good-bye 

•    it provides a safe place for expressing grief and loss 

•    it is part of the transition from life with the deceased, to a new life without the loved one     


Nothing can take away the grief, but a genuine, well prepared tribute may ease the pain and help you remember the special times you shared.

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