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In order for me to legally conduct your civil marriage ceremony, you are required to provide the following documents “completed in English” or have a fully certified English translation attached: 


  • Original birth certificates

  • Full names of two people over the age of 18 who will act as official witnesses and sign the legal documents for marriage

  • Proof of Divorce if either Party has been previously married and divorced

  • Death Certificate if either Party has been widowed

  • Deed Poll of change of name, if applicable

  • If you were born outside Australia and do not have a birth certificate, an original passport showing your date and place of birth must be produced

Australian law does not permit a marriage if both parties are under the age of 18. However, if one person is not yet 18, permission may be granted with written parental consent on an official form AND a Court Order under Section 12 of the Marriage Act. Please contact me for more information.


A Notice of Intended Marriage (known as a NOIM) must be completed and lodged with me not less than one month prior and not more than 18 months prior to the ceremony date. 


Further information about marrying overseas, marrying a relative, making a complaint or further explanation of the legal requirements of marriage, go to the


Attorney General’s Department – Marriage Section




Privacy policy

I respect the privacy of your personal information and am committed to ensuring its proper collection, storage, use and disclosure.


Under no circumstances will information be sold or made available to marketing agencies or similar parties. I take reasonable steps to ensure that your information is secure from any unauthorised access or disclosure and “at all times” comply with the federal privacy laws.


Only authorised individuals have access to the information provided by you. 

If you have any questions relating to this privacy statement, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Policy for complaints and enquiries

If you have any issues please contact me. I will try to satisfy any questions you have and correct any errors on my part. If you feel your complaint requires further consideration, you may lodge a complaint in writing to:

The Registrar of Marriage Celebrants
Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department
Robert Garran Offices
National Circuit

The complaint must be made within 3 months of the incident and must contain the following details:

 The complaint must state your full name and contact details (anonymous complaints cannot be accepted)

 The name of the marriage celebrant to whom the complaint relates

 The full details of the complaint

 Whether or not it is or has been the subject of other proceedings (such as a report to the police)


Payment policy

 A booking deposit of 25% of the full fee must be paid at the first meeting.

 The balance must be paid 7 days prior to the marriage service.

 If the full fee is not paid within 7 days of the ceremony the service will not be conducted. 


Refund policy

 The booking deposit fee is not refundable. 

 The remainder of the ceremony fee is refundable where a ceremony has been cancelled more than two months prior to the intended ceremony date, or if the celebrant fails to attend the ceremony

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