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Grateful words.

Recently I had the privilege of assisting the family of a fabulous woman say goodbye.

This was lady was an Olympian, hence the Olympic flag on her coffin.

These were the words I received from the family.


I have been procrastinating on writing because words seem insufficient for my appreciation of what you did for Mum and us.

I can’t say enough how much we APPRECIATED you doing Mum’s service, she would have been so honoured that you did it.

With your assistance, listening and understanding you made things very easy for us, which left me feeling comfortable with Mum’s funeral.

We thank you for being there for Mum and us.


Jill Ward

IMG_5780 (004).jpg


Lots of people have appreciated the services and ceremonies Frances has conducted for them.

You should hear what they are saying about Frances’ Ceremonies!

“The thing I found really helpful were your suggestions for the wording, as I was quite at a loss.  How to tell the world you really love someone without it sounding like a Barbara Cartland novel?  You did that so well, it was a pleasure speaking the words.”

“The service was a beautiful celebration of Kay’s life. It made us realise that services like this can be as meaningful as the traditional church funeral.”

"This might sound like a strange thing to say, but that was the most enjoyable funeral service I have ever attended"

"Frances presented such a wonderful run through of Jack's life - there wasn't a dry eye in the house, but at the same time there were smiles all around"

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